The Witch of Endor Lane

Below is my pitch for The Pitch 2020. It’s my second submission after submitting Gaul and Credo the previous year. Entrants must submit a two-minute video pitch for a short film based on a Bible story, theme or book. The winner gets £35,000 to make their film with The Pitch production team. My pitch for 2020, The Witch of Endor Lane, was based on King Saul’s meeting with the Witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28). I thought if the story was brought into the modern-day, the idea of magic being banned would provide a great opportunity for comedy, but also more serious points could be made as the character of the dishonoured king would allow for a comment on the importance of honesty and integrity in those in positions of power. My pitch made the final 60! If you would like to read the script, especially if you’re interested in filming it, please contact me.

Here is some of the feedback I received from The Pitch judges:

“What a hoot! Tremendous energy. Good message. Too good to miss!!!”

“Quirky storyline and reinterpretation of the story. I liked the storyteller’s use of himself throughout this pitch. Original and compelling.”

“Great to see John trying to create material with a unique voice. Amazingly, this pitch is very consistent in style to his pitch last year – John has a pitch signature style!”

Entrants must also describe the story of the film they want to make, name the Biblical source they’re using and how they’re adapting it to make their story, and let The Pitch know why they should invest in them as a filmmaker (200 words for each). My submitted answers are below.

Please describe the story of the film you want to make.

Magic has been outlawed around the world! Social club psychics, children’s party magicians, carnival fortune-tellers, all rounded up by a crack police squad. Endora, an elderly witch living in an English country cottage, has managed to escape the cull by going undercover, still helping those in need by giving spiritual advice in online chatrooms. It’s by these means she meets Mr. Potus, who claims to be in a life or death situation and persuades Endora to meet in person. When government agents arrive at Endora’s, she fears she’s been discovered, but she’s actually being visited by – the President of the United States of America! The distressed President is on the verge of a great conflict and wants to contact his late great-granddaddy for advice. Endora summons Great-Granddaddy, an ex-army general, who chastises the President for his selfish/lying ways and tells him he’s doomed to lose his battle, leaving him inconsolable. It’s revealed the President’s battle is just a bowling game, and getting a gutterball on his first shot, he’s overcome with stress and falls down dead of a heart attack, framed against a wall of flashing cameras. The action then briefly returns to Endora, watching events unfold on TV.

What Biblical source are you using and how are you adapting it to make this story?

The Biblical source I’m using is the story of King Saul and the Witch of Endor, which I’ve brought into the modern-day and turned into a comedy. I love the idea of magic being banned and think it will produce great comedy in a modern setting, seeing police round up psychics, fortune-tellers, children’s party magicians, etc. I’ve developed the Witch, naming her Endora and making her more lovable and eccentric, in a traditionally British mould. The need for a 21st-century dignitary turns Saul into the American President, who doesn’t visit Endora in disguise but uses more modern means of subterfuge: an alias on an internet chatroom. The spirit of Samuel is replaced with Great-Granddaddy, a comically stereotypical American army general, and the climax no longer takes place on the battlefield but in a more American setting: a ten-pin bowling alley. The contrasting of very American elements with traditionally British ones is one of the more original aspects of my adaptation, as well as a significant source of comedy. However, although I’ve turned the story into a comedy, I’m still respectful and stay true to its message, with the President being punished for the same reasons as Saul.

Why should we invest in you as a filmmaker?

You should invest in me as I have a proven track record of success, writing, producing and directing many short films that have been nominated for and won multiple awards. Many of my films have succeeded in mixing comedy and serious moral messages and incorporating religious themes, just as The Witch of Endor Lane does. That’s What I ‘Eard, a comedy-drama that tackles the serious subject of loneliness in the elderly, was selected for It’s My Shout 2018 and broadcast on the BBC. The Prophet, a comedy that incorporates religious subtext, criticising hypocritical religious figures, won the One Minute Wonder award at Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017. My latest film, The Veil, a supernatural horror, was inspired by the Christian message of overcoming hatred and embracing forgiveness. I’ve kept a record of my achievements and experience via my website: Determined to build on my success, I’m seeking an opportunity to take my career to the next level and believe The Pitch can provide this. I’ve completed the script for The Witch of Endor Lane, am confident of its quality, would be totally committed to the film’s successful completion and believe together with The Pitch, we can produce something magical!

The Last Goodbye

Although it was not our original intention, after completing early edits of The Veil, it occurred to me that the first minute of the film worked as a story in its own right and could be edited as such to be submitted in festival one minute wonder and super short categories, giving us more chance for success. Thus The Last Goodbye was born!


A widow visits her husband’s grave to say one last goodbye.

Achievements: The Last Goodbye won the Bronze Medal for Shorter Short at London X4 Summer 2020 and the Best Idea award at MedFF 2020!

The Veil

The Veil is another collaboration between myself, Nat Pearse and Film Focus Wales. This time I took on greater responsibility, writing (the script) again but also producing and doing camerawork. The film came about as Film Focus were looking for films that tackled issues relating to older people. The first issue that came to mind was death (sorry, old people). It immediately occurred to me that the most clichéd storyline to do would be a character dealing with the loss of someone they loved. Then it occurred to me, what about a story about a character dealing with the loss of someone they hated? I instantly thought of the image that appears at 0:51 (no spoilers) and always wanting to produce scripts that contain striking and original imagery, I knew this was the idea to go with. Again, working with Nat and Film Focus proved a great success, and I’ve already got scripts prepared for future collaborations!

I’ve also developed a 30-minute script taking the intro and themes from The Veil that maintains the shock value of the intro but remains more grounded in reality rather than relying on horror movie tropes. It takes the story in a more ambitious direction that I’d never have the budget to realise, but I’m hoping it could be successful in one of the BBC’s Drama Room submissions.


Abi’s resentment towards her dead husband allows an evil spirit to enter her life. A mysterious messenger tries to warn Abi. But can the veil of delusion be lifted, before it’s too late?

Career Plan

My ultimate goal is to become a professional scriptwriter for British film and television (I’ve no major interest in Hollywood as I want to write stories that directly relate to me, but I wouldn’t ignore them if they came calling). Directing and other aspects of filmmaking are of secondary interest to me, so my main focus is on writing. I plan to achieve my ambition with small steps. Since leaving university, I’ve set myself yearly targets (e.g. have a film selected for a festival, have a film win a festival, get selected for It’s My Shout) and each year I’ve achieved my goal. I’m not pursuing my ultimate goal for stardom or riches, but because I believe I’m capable of it and wish to fulfil my full potential and also reach as many people as possible, arousing thought and discussion and hopefully inspiring future artists as my heroes have me. Whether I achieve my ultimate goal or not, I won’t stop writing and constantly working as I’m driven by a passion, and I’ll continue to document my life experience through my work, have fun and entertain people.

Unproduced Scripts

My unproduced scripts are available upon request. Please feel free to email me at if you are interested in reading one, especially if you would like to produce it or are a prospective employer interested in seeing more of my work.

The Artists

The Artists are a musical duo whose dynamic street performing is sure to propel them to the big time. If their hard work can generate enough pennies to keep them going that is!

2-minute short film                                                                                   Copyright: 19/01/2017


Greg is attending rehearsals for a school play, helmed by the pompous and vindictive drama teacher, Ms Armitage. The play – written by Ms Armitage of course – is titled Betrayal. But it is a series of real-life deceptions that pull Greg into a genuine tale of love, hate and vengeance!

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 17/02/2018


Tim arrives at his best mate Mart’s with a gift of beer, hoping for a game of FIFA. Surely nothing could be more innocent? But secretly, Tim has something to confess…if he’s got the bottle.

10-minute radio play                                                                                 Copyright: 27/05/2014


Nia is an artistic teen desperate to form a connection. Her art teacher, Mr Owen, seems to be her only hope as her parents show no interest. But when the school bullies find out about Nia’s secret crush, she risks forming a connection she never asked for.

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 22/03/2018

Deep Trouble

Mike lives in an isolated fishing village, spending his days looking out to sea, dreaming of adventure. But when John, a dangerous gangster, inexplicably rows up to shore, Mike’s desire for adventure gets him in deep trouble.

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 17/07/2020

Doctor Huw

Doctor Huw! The BBC’s flagship show, featuring the titular time-travelling protagonist battling aliens, ably assisted by his trusty companion, Bronwyn. Shot on location in London, England…definitely not Cardiff…honest.

3-minute short film                                                                                   Copyright: 10/01/2019


Ava is awaiting the horror of her first day at a new school, but little does she know, her goofy school uniform is the least of her problems, as the school has been taken over by a terrible curse, and unless she can hold onto her individuality, it might just take over her too!

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 19/03/2018

Fart Kid

An embarrassing incident at school leads to Eli being mocked and ostracised by his peers. He is left with a choice: sit out his school life as a figure of derision or set out on a quest to track down a mysterious figure who may be able to free him from his torment.

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 07/03/2018

Fish Stew

Alf and Stu have committed the heist of the century and are hiding out in a cottage by the sea, waiting to be whisked away to the south of France. But when their ride is postponed, tensions mount and distrust brews, and if they’re left to stew any longer, they’ll reach boiling point!

20-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 02/08/2019

Gaul and Credo

In a primitive post-apocalyptic world that has forgotten about religion, two lowly thieves, Gaul and Credo, are desperate to get ahead in life. With their discovery of an ancient church and the relics held within, they think they may have found the means to do it. But will their newfound knowledge bring a new age of prosperity, or will playing God bring nothing but trouble?

20-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 19/09/2019

If You Can’t Laugh…

Ken, Sue, Tom and Val, a family separated at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. Their only means of communication, video conference calls. They try their best to keep their spirits up, but when Ken’s temper threatens to pull them further apart, there’s only one cure.

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 26/03/2020

The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands (Stephen King Short Story Adaptation)

George meets Henry during a poker game. The enigmatic Henry refuses to shake hands, and when he leaves the game without his winnings, George sets out to return them to him and also discover the mystery surrounding him. But will his quest bring fortune or nothing but losses?

20-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 27/03/2020

Mr Plank’s First Day (Written for the Class Dismissed Series)

It’s the new woodwork teacher Mr Plank’s first day. But will his innovative use of earwax (nature’s glue!) be enough to convince the students, he didn’t just get the job because of his name?

2-minute sketch                                                                                        Copyright: 04/05/2017

Nice Guy

Tim is obsessed with Jennifer and does everything for her but gets nothing in return. She sees him as just a nice guy. How can he prove he’s nothing of the sort?

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 15/10/2015

Odd Customers

Chloe, a cheery shop assistant, is our guide as she details all the odd customers you meet working in retail.

3-minute short film                                                                                   Copyright: 13/03/2019

Odd Hobbies – Episode One – Bird Watching and Golf

Mike, suicidal after the relationship from which he generated his self-worth ended, makes an unexpected connection with John, a selfish OAP with a penchant for destruction, and they set out on a perilous quest for redemption.

30-minute episode (from a planned six-part series)                                  Copyright: 10/11/2018

The Shearing of the Lambs

Byfflo Bill’s disco heyday is long behind him, and in his old age, he’s developed a passion for stalking young girls. But what he wants from his victims might not be what you’re expecting.

3-minute short film                                                                                   Copyright: 10/04/2018


If there’s one thing Jim hates, it’s spitting in the street. So when Bob accidentally hocks a giant loogie on his shoe, there will have to be consequences.

3-minute short film                                                                                   Copyright: 12/02/2019


Stu and Paul, a pair of idiots, have bought a delicious Caramac and are trying to eat it in peace, but they’re stopped at every turn as they suspect a robot from the future is trying to steal it.

6-minute short film                                                                                   Copyright: 05/03/2020

Tammy and the Invasion of the Booby Snatchers (Written for the Class Dismissed Series)

Tammy has finally been released from isolation but discovers all the students have been mesmerised by their mirrors. Is it a simple cultural misunderstanding or the start of the invasion of the booby snatchers!

2-minute sketch                                                                                        Copyright: 05/05/2017

The Tart

Elissa’s dream is to be a rock star. She has the personality and creativity to achieve it, but those who should be encouraging her only suppress her, forcing her into either isolating herself or acting out. But when pushed too far, Elissa makes her final act one to remember.

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 28/07/2016


James is an uptight neat-freak, and Mike is a carefree slob with a taste for toast. James is desperate to get Mike to wash the dishes. But will he get the message before he himself is toast!

4-minute short film                                                                                   Copyright: 07/01/2017

The Trip

Jon and Nat, chill stoners and best buds, set out on a surrealistic quest to find the other half of the moon, encountering a host of colourful characters and dark dangers along the way.

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 29/05/2020

The Witch of Endor Lane

Magic has been outlawed around the world! Endora, an eccentric old witch, has gone undercover, helping those in need using online chatrooms. But when tempted to meet a client in person, her involvement has world-shattering consequences.

10-minute short film                                                                                 Copyright: 26/07/2020

That’s What I ‘Eard

Determined to be selected for It’s My Shout 2018, I decided to submit multiple entries, a tactic that had proven successful for Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017. The brief requested a ten-minute script that would have multiple roles for young actors and a Welsh connection, and I knew that It’s My Shout favoured scripts with a social conscience. Bearing all this in mind, I wrote and submitted six scripts (synopses for others viewable in Unproduced Scripts and scripts available upon request). The tactic again proved successful, and That’s What I ‘Eard was selected to be produced by It’s My Shout and broadcast on the BBC. That’s What I ‘Eard is a comedy-drama that tackles a serious subject matter; please read the script and see how I’ve incorporated It’s My Shout’s criteria; the finished film is available upon request.


Ivor is not the bravest kid, but when he kicks the gang’s ball over the wall of local villain Mr Jones, he has no choice but to form a team to venture into the villain’s lair and retrieve it. A hard enough task on its own, but things are made more difficult as tales of Mr Jones’s atrocities unfold and the team gradually falls apart, leaving Ivor to face Mr Jones alone and prove his bravery.

Marching Orders

I wrote Marching Orders at the start of 2017 as a contender to be filmed and submitted to Cardiff Mini Film Festival in the One Minute Wonder category. It just missed out on being shot by me, but after joining the filmmaking group Film Focus Wales, I offered it to them, and it was taken on by talented, up-and-coming director Nat Pearse. The film attempts to show how a positive attitude can affect those around you, and a negative one can do just the same. Nat and Film Focus achieved great results, and I’m positive all our future collaborations will be just as successful!


Jim is down on his luck, having been given his marching orders from work. But when inspiration hits him, his outwardly positive attitude starts to affect all those around him.

Achievements: Marching Orders was nominated in the One Minute Wonder category at Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2018.

My First TV Interview

My first TV interview, on The Crunch, discussing my award-winning films and filmmaking in general. Overall, it was a good experience, that’ll hopefully prepare me for many more future TV appearances. The sound was out of sync on the clip from Bob, but it was still an excellent opportunity to promote my work, and I didn’t stumble over my words too much. More details on much of what I discuss, including my aspirations and my films and their development, can be found in the Career Plan and Produced Scripts categories and by exploring the rest of my website.